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A Free Traffic Trading Script With Advanced Anticheat and Security Features

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This script has very advanced anticheat and security system!
If you are a cheater go away NOW!
Sending lots of raw hits will not help you here!
Sending lots of proxy hits will not help you here!
Sending hitbot traffic will not help you here!
Sending lots of crap country traffic will not help you here!
Sending lots of HEAD requests will not help you here!
All security violations and hacking attempts are logged (included IP and Proxy)
We also have detailed 24 hours stats.
Forcing good traffic and then switching to crap will be detected too.
Hitbots and leechers are filtered on the fly, so do not even try it!
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  • No Popups, Installs, Auto Dialers

  • No sub domains without prior approval!

  • Sites you trade with reflect on you and will be reviewed same as you

  • Sites skimming more than 50% to trades on gallery links will not be accepted

  • Min. trade is per day and must be met before recieving traffic back

  • Any underage content will result in immediate blacklist

  • All trades that you place by us gets a Ratio of 1.8 so if you send much you get even more

Send Traffic To: http://slutsgate.net/
Admin EMail: accelerationx@aol.com
Admin ICQ UIN: 399888356
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